The revolution hasn’t happened yet

One hundred billion dollars invested in fintech…

Global Fintech financing activity
Source: Accenture / CB insights

… and despite substantial spend, no financial institution is modernised…

Annual technology investment by banks
Source: Celent

… and no consumer is truly better off.

UK consumer credit and savings rates:
% of disposable income
Source: Accenture / CB insights


For consumers, long-term saving is elusive while easy access to credit fuels instant consumption

For most financial institutions, despite heavy investment, modernisation remains insurmountably complex


Making saving easier and more rewarding for consumers

Project Imagine


One API. One Contract. Multiple solutions. For banks and fintechs

Founded by Aritra Chakravarty

AC founded Project Imagine after 13 years in various roles at HSBC across New York, London and Hong Kong, in Investment Banking, Private Banking, Strategy and COO roles.

Most recently, he setup HSBC’s Wealth Digital team from scratch, building a team from 0 – 300 and designing and delivering 7x product launches in 18 months.

AC is an alumnus of Stanford GSB, London Business School and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

With a passion for all things gadgety, his alterego ‘Dave’ is also the office IT help.

His vision is to create an equitable and financially savvy world.

Supported by our experienced VPs

Everyone in our leadership team has come from a well
established career in their industry. However it’s not enough
to be an expert, all our VPs must show a great understanding
of people and an ability to grow and nurture their respective
teams and PI culture.


General Counsel & Head of Financial Product Innovation

Funds lawyer with 14+ years experience across BlackRock, Morgan Stanely and Source


VP Risk & Compliance

Risk Specialist with 10+ years across rgulatory roles; previously Head of Risk at Monzo and Lead Supervisor at PRA


Platform Engineering

Architecture and Back-e Specialist with 8+ years experience across Jp Morgon and Morgon Stanley


VP Data

Data Engineer with 10+ years experience in building cutting edge data platforms from scratch


VP Growth, Communications & Investor Relations

Generalist with 6+ years experience in Recruitment and Product Mgmt for a PropTech (helping reach $10m valuation)


VP Brand & Storytelling

Branding Creative with 12+ years experience in leading Advertising agencies


UI UX Designer

Digital Designer with 10+ years experience including Barclays Wealth and Dixons


VP Community Research & Smart Distribution

Urbanist with 15+ years urban mobility and design experience; Member of Mayor’s Smart London Board

The Fintech revolution customers need

Unlike other financial institutions, we don’t monetise on debt.
Instead, our socially responsible business model focuses on
customer’s growth, so we do well when our customers do.

Delivered by our unconventional team

Our 40-strong team in London have
come from different backgrounds and
professions, bringing not only a variety of
skills but also unique perspectives on
money. We proudly have a strong
emphasis on values and culture.

About the team

  • 22 to 60 years old
  • 60%+ female
  • 20+ nationalities
  • 30+ languages
  • 50%+ not from finance

About the culture

  • Values > Performance
  • No CVs during hiring
  • Fully transparent comms
  • Transparent salaries
  • Transparent revenue model

Glassdoor rating: 4.3

Monzo: 3.8         Revolut: 3.7

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