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A current account, everyday saving tools and an investment manager – all in one app.


The least digital progress has been made for types of money that require the most assistance.

We believe in a financial future that’s easy and inclusive. So we’re creating solutions to help everyone save and make opportunities to grow their money more accessible.

Our Solutions

Putting the ‘fin’ back in fintech

Currently we’re building Dozens – an app based financial service that goes further than
UX to make a real difference to people’s finances. We’re using technology inventively to
impact their daily money habits. Along with creating proprietary financial products that
help them maximise their money’s potential.

Why now?

Most fintechs have so far focused on enhancing customer experience, but have shied away from any financial innovation. While specialised financial institutions have fallen short of mass digital appeal. There has never been a better time to bridge this gap.

With the new era ushered in by PSD2, Open Banking, regulatory sandboxes and the ever-increasing computing capabilities, it is possible to reimagine people's relationship with money.

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The unconventional team

We’re reimagining the norms of banking, starting with who builds a bank. Our team is consciously made up of people from vastly different backgrounds, experiences and expertise. Each one of us brings a unique perspective on money, making sure our solutions are right for everyone.

Meet the Team

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