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Bringing the vision to life

The fintech revolution has produced a vast array of digital banks, investment trackers, saving and budgeting apps. But the side effect is that people’s finances are more fractured than ever, making their money management more complicated.

Our first solution, dozens, will bring all of these elements together in one app, giving people better and easier control of their finances. Here’s a preview of some of its upcoming features.

Our own community of co-creators

Our products are being built in close partnership with a diverse community of over 300 people. Instead of conducting focus groups and user testing, we have created a safe space for people to talk freely about their financial lives.

Engaging in an ongoing dialogue helps us truly understand their needs and create the right tools and triggers that benefit them. The community are shaping our brand and products from within and validating our decisions at every step.

By involving the community in the creative process from the very beginning we’re creating targeted solutions that meet people’s financial needs.

dozens is a trading name of Project Imagine Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales (No. 11153882). We are an authorised e-money institution (FRN 900894) under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. Our registered office is at 1 St Katharine’s Way London E1W 1UN.