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The unconventional team

In addition to years of banking experience, we bring together a variety of skills and perspectives that help us see money in different ways. For example, a financial expert who’s also a psychotherapist, is decoding financial behaviour. An urban planner is using city data to understand different spending patterns. An advertising professional is thinking of unique saving nudges.

The diverse thinking and fresh perspectives within our group allow us to design innovative solutions for people’s financial issues.

General Management
  • Aritra Chakravarty
    Aritra Chakravarty
    Founder & CEO
  • Suzanne Hsu
    Suzanne Hsu
    Advisor to the CEO
  • Sriroop Lahiri
    Sriroop Lahiri
    Accounting & HR Manager
  • Hannah Kershman
    Hannah Kershman
    PA to CEO & Team Assistant
  • Cyrus Wen
    Cyrus Wen
  • Sunny Kok
    Sunny Kok
Legal and Compliance
  • Gemma Steel
    Gemma Steel
    General Counsel & Head of Compliance
  • Lucia Talotta
    Lucia Talotta
    Senior Compliance Officer
Product Management
  • Eleanor Hasler
    Eleanor Hasler
    Growth Lead & Investor Relations
  • Irina Bulygina
    Irina Bulygina
    Technical Product Manager
  • Natasha Whitehead
    Natasha Whitehead
    Data Analytics Lead
  • Alina Berestennikova
    Alina Berestennikova
    Product Analyst
Insights and Product Vision
  • Katja Lichtenstein
    Katja Lichtenstein
    VP, Insights & Product Vision
  • Sheza Yancheva
    Sheza Yancheva
    Product Designer
  • Holly Tarrant
    Holly Tarrant
    Community Coordinator
Treasury, Operations and Data Science
  • Floris Van Diest
    Floris Van Diest
    VP, Treasury, Risk Analytics & Data Science
  • Kylie Mansfield
    Kylie Mansfield
    VP, Services
  • Sandesh Sharanappa
    Sandesh Sharanappa
    Product & Partnerships Operations Lead
  • Gerda Valiukonyte
    Gerda Valiukonyte
    Treasury & Compliance Operations Lead
Brand and Marketing
  • Julia Earthrowl
    Julia Earthrowl
    VP, Storytelling
  • Poulami (Polo) Chakraborty
    Poulami (Polo) Chakraborty
    Head of Brand Strategy & Advertising Creative
  • Hiljamaria Immonen
    Hiljamaria Immonen
    VP Design
  • Anna Elovskaya
    Anna Elovskaya
    Lead App Designer
  • Mella McKeown
    Mella McKeown
    Lead Brand Designer
  • Matt Royhl
    Matt Royhl
  • Igor Tomych
    Igor Tomych
    VP, Technology
  • Mikhail Merkulov
    Mikhail Merkulov
    Lead Solutions Architect

Our Culture

Project Imagine doesn’t hire CVs but people. Hiring is social and informal, not about where you’ve been but where you want to go. There is a very clear vision, and when you find people who believe in that, the team builds itself. Rules are usually avoided and so is hierarchy.

The idea is to stay fluid enough for spontaneous collaborations, healthy debates and quick changes. There is space and respect for everyone’s multidimensional lives. So every team member gets a 30 day holiday allowance from the start and Fridays are hack days for education or other passion projects.

dozens is a trading name of Project Imagine Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales (No. 11153882). We are an authorised e-money institution (FRN 900894) under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. Our registered office is at 1 St Katharine’s Way London E1W 1UN.